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  • IT solutions for mining industry

  • Distributed information system development


The offered solutions provide efficient control and management of geological exploration and drilling works both for a separate deposit and the whole company.

The specific software is used to collect initial data at deposits. Those can be:

  • Table data (core logging/description, drilling reports, etc.);
  • Geophysical and geochemical research data;
  • Photographic documentation (photographs of core racks, trench surface, etc.);
  • Documents and reports in doc, xls, pdf;
  • Vector images;
  • Any other binary data.

The received data are stored in the deposit database and are subject to further processing.

It is possible to integrate with other systems, including LIMS, control systems of fuels and lubricants handling, dispatch systems for mining transport, etc.

The deposit database can be replicated to the headquarters. If necessary, it is possible to connect several deposits to the central database. Thus, all the information is accumulated in the headquarters.

When no connection is available, special equipment to transfer data via satellite Internet is mounted (VSAT standard).

The central database can be accessed both using special software and standard browsers, which allows executives to get live information regardless of their location and the time of the day.

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