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Automation of Exploration

The efficiency of geological exploration can be considerably increased, as proved by RJC Group, where the specialists started applying up-to-date automation software for geological exploration.

Let’s consider one of the most obvious examples – core ligging process which is quite convenient for that.

A geologist uses the software enabling him to describe pieces of core on base of pre-built templates in a strictly formalized way.

Descriptive data are immediately uploaded to the geological database of the deposit with reference to a specific borehole.

As soon as documentation of the borehole is finished, a geologist needs to press just one button to automatically generate a full set of report documents (borehole location and shut-in reports, documentation log, borehole files and other reports).

What used to take months now takes a few seconds. Duration of works used to depend on borehole boring, however today, drilling equipment has become many-fold more effective, and the most time-consuming process now is documenting in manual mode.

Along with quickness, automated documenting ensures unification and high quality vector graphics (accurate and detailed lithologic logs, borehole log plotting, high-quality scaling, etc.).

The above example shows just few advantages, while there are much more of them. Actually, having raw digital data on a borehole or any other mine including trenches, one has great possibilities to improve the quality of works.

For example, automated verification of raw data. The system can be configured to automatically check new entered data for consistency. This helps avoid embarrassing mistakes and misprints. Moreover, there is a possibility of correcting a mistake, such as wrong name of the mineral, and applying the correction to the whole geological database, if necessary.

Since initial data on boreholes are contained in the database in the form of names/words, every name can be given an equivalent in other languages. As a result, report documentation is generated in several languages at a time (the system allows for word formation rules and vocabulary). This becomes of vital importance when preparing documents for auditing companies, such as Wardell Armsrtong.

Thanks to constantly updated geological database of the deposit, geological exploration can be monitored over Internet via protected channels. Thus, the chief geologist can control the works even when out of the office.

The geological database also allows for automated data export to GIS for future deposit modeling.

The offered solutions were developed in close collaboration with the experienced geologists and were successfully exploited at numerous deposits together with RJC Group.

Use of up-to-date computer-aided technologies and Internet takes exploration to new level.

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